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Welcome to National Youth Council’s Youth Portal. This portal has different tabs for browsing the youth related information. In the dataset tab, the indicators related to different sectors of youth, such as data and statistics can be found. The d...

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The youth related data and statistics based on five pillars of Youth Vision 2025 have been collected from a wide range of NYC activities and are publicly available government sources including websites, publications and reports by the Government of Nepal.

Pillar 1

Quality & Vocational Education

Pillar 2

Employment, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development

Pillar 3

Youth Health and Social Security


Stay up to date with the data related reports, laws, budget, regulations, directives, plans, policies, strategies, publication of yearbooks, notice, etc., get in touch with us here.

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The 2015 World Youth Report explores young people’s participation in economic, politic

Nov 27, 2018

Published by United Nation

World Youth Report 2003

The 2003 World Youth Report provides an overview of the global situation of young people. The fir

Nov 27, 2018

Published by United Nation

World Youth Report 2005

The 2005 World Youth Report called for a renewed commitment to the goals of the World Programme o

Nov 27, 2018

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